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Meal kits

+ - Do I need state of the art equipment?

Absolutely not. Our meal kits will never require fancy kitchen equipment.  We create our recipes with common household items in mind and each video will have a clear list of which kitchen tools you will need.

+ - What if I’m a terrible cook?

When you have good ingredients, good cooking is simple cooking. Our recipes are easy to follow and Danny Smiles & Friends will teach you how to cook like a pro.

+ - What dietary restrictions do you accommodate?

Every ingredient is listed under our meal kits. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of preparation on our end, substitutions and modifications are not possible at this point.

+ - What comes in a meal kit?

Every ingredient you’ll need, measured and portioned.

+ - How do I choose my meals?

Sign up for an account, visit our meal kit or chef’s market place page to see what inspires you and select.

+ - How do the videos work?

Just click the link to the corresponding meal kit in your MEP account and Danny will cook along with you using the very same ingredients.

+ - Can I freeze my meal kit if I don’t want to prepare it the day of? How long will my food stay fresh?

All of our food is prepared daily in order to ensure and maximize freshness. We encourage you to eat it the day you receive it.

+ - What if something is missing from my meal kit or I’m unsatisfied with a meal kit I received. What do I do?

Please contact us with photos of the meal kit. We may not be able to replace anything that day, but we will do our best to resolve the situation as soon as possible.


+ - Where is the food sourced from?

We have collected some of our favourite products from around the world. From Québec farms to Italy’s finest olive groves, the items in our Chef’s Market reflect our high standards. We have also produced our own sauces, marinades and condiments for you to take home. 


+ - Where do you deliver?

Within a 30 kilometer radius of our kitchen.

+ - How will I know when my food is being delivered?

You’ll receive real-time e-mail and SMS updates.

+ - How quickly can you deliver?

Orders must be placed minimum three days in advance. On delivery day, you will receive e-mail and SMS updates as soon as your food is on its way. Once it arrives, you’ll get a second notification confirming delivery.

+ - How does everything get delivered?

We make all of our deliveries in electric cars.

+ - Will there be a lot of packaging?

All of our meal kits are portioned and measured to ensure zero waste. All of our packaging is 100% compostable. When you are done preparing and eating your meal, all of our packaging can be thrown in your compost bin.

+ - Will my food stay cold?

Our deliveries are made in small numbers to guarantee freshness. All food goes from the fridge to cooler bags until it reaches you.

+ - What if I am not home to receive my delivery?

If you can’t be present at home for the delivery we’ll leave the meal kit at your door. If you’re not comfortable with that, you can also provide the address of a neighbour, a business close-by, or even your place of work in order to make sure that you get the package as easily as possible.

+ - Can I pick a delivery time?

Only the delivery date can be chosen. Delivery is chosen during the checkout of your purchase and cannot be changed afterwards. Please contact us if there is an issue with the delivery date you’ve chosen.


+ - What precautions are you taking during Covid-19?

All food is prepared in our industrial kitchen space which adheres to strict MAPAQ standards. All cooks work in TYVEK suits, wear protective face masks and latex gloves.  Delivery is made by our own drivers who have no contact with the food–only the bags. All drivers wear protective masks for the duration of their deliveries.

Accounts, orders, and payments

+ - Is there a minimum order amount?

No. You can order as much or as little as you want. Flat rate shipping is $9 or if you spend $100 before tax, shipping is free!

+ - How do I pay for my order?

Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX. There are no recurring payments or membership fees.

+ - When should the order be placed?

At least three days in advance.

+ - Can I pick up my order from a physical location?

Pick up orders are not yet available, but we’re working hard to make it possible in the very near future. TBD but stay tuned!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out directly.

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